Ensuring the functionality and reliability of industrial electrical systems

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From planning and design work through to installation and maintenance, industrial electricians support electrical system performance through meticulous attention to detail, knowledge of systems, and timeliness. Industrial electricians conduct regular inspections and tests to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems, and to ensure the proper functioning of industrial equipment. Given the 24/7 operations of industrial operations, industrial electricians are available for emergency call-outs, and 24/7 service. They are equipped to handle urgent electrical issues promptly, helping to minimise downtime and ensuring the safety of the industrial site.

The importance of electrical maintenance in the industrial industry cannot be overstated. Downtime within key industrial industries can have significant flow on effects to operations, staff, clients and the broader economy. Through a planned and deliberate electrical maintenance approach unplanned downtimes can be significantly reduced.

Adequate lighting is essential for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Working with lighting design specialists, industrial electricians design lighting systems that ensure proper illumination in various work areas while considering factors like energy efficiency and glare reduction.

They also implement advanced lighting technologies, such as LED lighting, which offers energy savings and improved durability compared to traditional lighting solutions. By optimising lighting conditions, industrial electricians enhance employee comfort and productivity while adhering to industry-specific lighting standards.

The majority of modern industries depend on a reliable electrical supply to ensure the smooth operation of their processes, machinery, and services. Interruptions in power can lead to significant disruptions, financial losses, and safety hazards, underscoring the critical importance of maintaining a stable and consistent electrical supply. Of note, manufacturing, energy and utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and health and data heavily rely on electricity to maintain their operations. 

The field of industrial electrical work is constantly evolving due to advancements in technology, changes in industry practices, and the growing emphasis on sustainability and efficiency. Some emerging trends include: 

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability – with electricians responsible for installation and upgrading electrical systems that promote efficiency and sustainability
  • Smart manufacturing through the use of internet of things – with electricians responsible for wiring these systems together 
  • Predictive maintenance – which is delivered by electricians and driven by interconnected internet of things sensors that identify the need for repairs before systems fail.

Through a few simple steps you can ensure your engagement with your chosen industrial electrician is highly effective:

  • Open regular communication and a clear documented scope of work – the better understanding an electrician has in relation to the environment they are working in, client expectations, and project deliverables, the better service they will provide. 
  • Defined roles and responsibilities – an electrician needs to understand who they will work with during installation and maintenance work and who are the key decision makers for providing the go-ahead on work. 
  • Budget for ongoing electrical maintenance – preventative maintenance requires an investment of time and money to ensure systems continue to operate effectively and to minimise system downtime. An approach that allows your electrician to operate within certain financial parameters without needing to obtain additional approvals for work can dramatically improve timeliness. Work out your budget in collaboration with your electrician for the best results. 

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