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Cost effective Solution from Jabel on safety Switch testing

Our cost-effective solutions provide rapid fault detection, fault isolation, and circuit protection, minimising potential damage and optimising operational efficiency. Stay ahead of legal requirements by implementing safety measures that prioritise workplace safety. Trust Jabel Electrical Services to deliver you reliable electrical safety switch and testing solutions designed specifically for commercial use.

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Commercial Electrical Safety Switch testing: Protecting People and Equipment

Safeguard your commercial business with electrical safety switches. Ensure compliance, protect against electrical hazards, and prevent downtime. Discover cost-effective solutions for enhanced workplace safety from Jabel Electrical Services.

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Enhancing Workplace Safety: Electrical Safety Switch testing for Business

Create a safer workplace through a rigorous testing regime for electrical safety switches. These lifesavers provide electrical shock protection by detecting faults and instantly cutting off power supply, reducing the risk of harm to employees and customers.

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Shop safety switches: Enhancing the safety of your retail and office space

Installing fixed equipment in your retail and office space without ensuring your existing safety switches are suitable for your needs may leave the electrical installation unsafe. Trust Jabel Electrical Services to test existing safety switches to ensure they meet your needs, and upgrade outdated and unsafe existing equipment.

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Why Choose Us

Qualified and Experienced Electricians: Our electrical team have close to a combined 100 years of experience delivering commercial, industrial and domestic electrical solutions. Trust Jabel Electrical Services to deliver electrical safety switches and electrical safety switch testing for commercial businesses across South East Queensland.

Comprehensive Solutions: Having worked with a wide range of clients to deliver reliable commercial electrical systems our team is ready to provide you with tailored commercial safety switch testing across South East Queensland.

Quality Workmanship: We focus on delivering the highest quality workmanship for every client. We use the highest quality testing equipment to quickly identify problems with your electrical safety system and install high quality safety switches to provide you and your clients with the highest level of protection. Trust Jabel Electrical Services with your commercial safety switch testing and shop safety switch testing.

Timely and Reliable Service: Your electrical system is critical to your business. Our team know the importance of delivering reliable safety switch solutions when you need it most.

Safety and Compliance: Commercial settings require the highest standard of electrical safety. Our electrical safety switch solutions meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety of your staff, clients and service providers.

Customer Satisfaction: We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our electrical safety switch testing work, giving you peace of mind that you are protecting your staff, clients and customers from electric shock.

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Safety switches are vital components in commercial business settings. Trust our team of electrical contractors to conduct commercial safety switch testing for your business. Our team possesses extensive expertise and experience in the field, ensuring your workplace is compliant and safe. Whether it is a commercial office or retail space, Jabel Electrical Services will ensure your electrical system will deliver long term safety and peace of mind.

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An electrical safety switch, also known as a residual current device (RCD), is a device designed to protect against electric shocks and electrical fires by quickly detecting any imbalance in electrical currents and cutting off the power supply. In commercial settings, safety switches are typically installed to ensure the safety of employees, protect equipment, and comply with electrical regulations. An electrical safety switch constantly monitors the flow of electricity in a circuit. It compares the amount of current flowing in the live wire with the amount returning in the neutral wire. If there is any discrepancy, such as when electricity leaks to the ground through a person or faulty equipment, the safety switch trips and shuts off the power supply, preventing electric shocks and reducing the risk of electrical fires.

Yes, there are different types of electrical safety switches available for commercial settings, including:

  • Portable safety switches: These can be used in temporary work areas or for equipment that requires mobility.
  • Fixed safety switches: These are permanently installed in the electrical switchboard to provide protection for specific circuits or areas.
  • Combination switches: These devices integrate safety switches and circuit breakers in a single unit, offering comprehensive protection against electrical faults.

Yes. The Electrical Safety Regulations Queensland set out the specific requirements for the use of safety switches, both fixed and portable, in various commercial settings. Speak with your electrician to understand the requirements for safety switches and the electrical safety switch testing regime you need to have in place to ensure you remain compliant with the Regulations and Queensland law.

Specified electrical equipment and safety switches need to be tested at intervals according to the type of work they are used for. According to Electrical Safety Regulations, testing of fixed electrical safety switches can be as short as 1 month for construction work, through to 6 monthly for office settings. There are also specific requirements for portable safety switches. Check out WorkSafe Queensland’s website for further guidance and speak with your electrician to understand the specific requirements for your commercial setting. Regular testing helps identify any issues or malfunctions and ensures the ongoing safety of employees and equipment. Use the “test” button usually present on the switch to perform a user test. If a safety switch fails the test or does not trip, contact a licensed electrician to inspect and rectify the issue.

If the safety switch keeps tripping, it indicates a fault in the electrical circuit. Follow these steps:

  • Unplug any devices connected to the circuit.
  • Reset the safety switch by turning it to the “ON” position.
    Gradually plug in the devices one by one, checking if the safety switch trips after each connection. This process can help identify the faulty device or wiring.
  • If the switch continues to trip or if you are unsure of the cause, contact a licensed electrician to inspect and rectify the issue.

No. Due to the complexity and potential risks involved, you must hire a licensed electrician for the installation of electrical safety switches in commercial settings. Professional electricians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the switches are correctly installed, properly connected, and in compliance with applicable regulations. Your electrician will then be able to put in place a commercial safety switch testing regime to make sure your electrical systems remain compliant.

To schedule a test of your safety switches with Jabel Electrical Services, simply contact us on 3157 8524
or book by clicking the Book Now button above. Our team will assist you in arranging an inspection and provide you with the necessary information to ensure the safety and compliance of your electrical equipment.

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